How to Plan for Spills and Effective Spill Control

Spillage of chemicalsIn our last article we discussed REACH and CLP regulations and how your business can get ready for the REACH registration process. In this we touch on the spillage of chemicals and their control – what is spill control? how does it impact your employees and your business? how do you prepare for it? Continue reading

World Day to Combat Desertification

World Day to Combat Desertification

The demand for life’s essentials will rise significantly in the next 20 years. About 50% more food will be needed, 40% more energy and 35% more water. How will these demands to be met and with what resources? Past trends show that land, the foundation of these goods and services, is not only being destroyed, but is not on the radar screen of policy-makers because there is no political will to get something done. Continue reading

Biogas: lights and shadows of a promising technology

By Mario A. Rosato

Biogas Plant in SwedenLike any other technology, anaerobic digestion is good in itself but unfortunately EU policies and some local lobbies have in many cases created a fertile soil for speculation to grow about its potential. Beyond this political polemic and ideological dogma, experience has proven that only biogas plants designed and managed with rational criteria can help the environment, the community and the economy at the same time. The following decalogue (ten commandments) may be of help to anybody wishing to invest in a biogas plant and obtain a sustainable return on the investment:

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Happy World Wetlands Day!

World Wetlands Leaflet 2014Morass, quag, quagmire, slack, bog, peat bog, mire, swamp – just some of the different names for different types of wetland – none of which evoke positive images for most people. Frequently represented as dangerous, menacing places sheltering dangerous creatures; uncontrolled places of mystery, supernatural evil and repositories of disease; and in literature, where the anti-hero often comes to a decidedly sticky end – wetlands have had a distinctly bad press.

An alternative view is that of romantic places of refuge and remnant wilderness of exceptional beauty and shelter for spectacular and rare wildlife. Continue reading

BioLogic wins Silver at the Green Apple Environment Award

Biologic with Doreen Lawrence-Green Apple Awards 2013BioLogiQ’s A1 Ratings solutions has won a Green Apple Award in the national campaign to find Britain’s greenest companies, councils and communities.

The A1 Ratings solutions competed against more than 200 other nominations in the Green Apple Awards for the Built Environment & Architectural Heritage.

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Sustainability news 2011

In this section, you will find up-to-date summarised articles and original links related to the main environmental news in Ireland and around the world in 2011. Continue reading

New environmental law in 2011

Environmental Managment Systems

This article gives an overview of the 2011 changes in the legislation for air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, waste management, energy efficiency and renewables, water pollution, planning, product stewardship, habitats protection and handling of hazardous substances. Continue reading