Health and Safety Legislation – what’s it about?

Health and Safety LegislationPeople can be wary of the area of legislation because of the perception that it is difficult to understand, probably thanks to the ‘legalese’ it is frequently written in and also due to the fear that somehow and in some way a little bit of knowledge will make them liable for something. Furthermore, the legal profession are frequently guilty of failing to explain things clearly. Of course, any true and competent professional will be able to explain even the most complex matters in plain and simple English and if they can’t, they probably don’t understand it properly themselves, and if they won’t, then they may be trying to inflate their fees. Continue reading

International Day for Biological Diversity

International Day for Biological Diversity 2014The United Nations proclaimed May 22 The International Day for Biological Diversity (IDB) to increase understanding and awareness of biodiversity issues. Biodiversity is the degree of variation of life. This can refer to genetic variation, species variation, or ecosystem variation within an area, biome, or planet. Biologists most often define biodiversity as the “totality of genes, species, and ecosystems of a region”. The theme “Island Biodiversity” was chosen to coincide with the designation by the United Nations General Assembly of 2014 as the International Year of Small Island Developing States (SIDS).

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What can GLP do for your laboratory and you?

Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)As scientists and analysts, many of us find ourselves working in laboratories, busy doing analytical work or research, with little time or opportunity to step back from our busy daily routine to focus on the internationally recognised principles of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP). All too often we lose sight of the forest for the trees. GLP can sometimes be confused with the standards of laboratory safety, e.g. wearing appropriate gloves, safety goggles and clothing – which it is not. Continue reading